What products do you use?
The conventional brands that I primarily use are MAC, and Krylon. These great industry brands were developed for professionals and the exceptional quality give them a longer staying power. I also use MaryKay products which I also think apply really well. I use TempTu products for my Airbrush application, and I prefer to use the silicone based over the water based so the application will stay even if you perspire! This is also really great for brides that want to cover over a Tattoo for their wedding day.

What is the difference between conventional and airbrush makeup?
Conventional makeup is applied using brushes, sponges, etc. in a traditional way. Airbrush makeup on the other hand is a special liquid makeup applied through an airbrush gun. Tiny particles of the liquid makeup are sprayed onto the face which gives a very flawless well blended appearance.

I don’t often wear makeup, and I’d like to do airbrush for my wedding but I’m afraid it will be too heavy? 

The Airbrush application is actually the opposite, it is sprayed on so lightly that it will feel like you hardly have anything on! Whether you prefer a very traditional and natural look that stays on all day or want a something more dramatic like you see on the pages of a magazine, airbrush makeup can accomplish both.

Do you do hair?
Unfortunately I do not, but I do work with some stylist that I can recommend to you for your special event. Please view my other vendors tab at the bottom of the site.

My friends said to save on cost I should do my own makeup for my wedding, what do you think?                     

There are several reasons as to why I would recommend having a professional do your makeup rather than do your own. For one, the day of your wedding will be very hectic, why not relax and let someone else make you beautiful that day! Since you will be taking hundreds of photos for your wedding, special application techniques will be used to insure that you look as beautiful on camera as you would in person. Also, with most weddings thousands are being spent to create the day of your dreams, why not spend $50-$150 on yourself to insure you look fabulous … remember all eyes will be on you!!

How long does a makeup application take?
Typically 30-45 minutes, but for brides I like to give myself an hour. Airbrush takes about an hour also. When doing a bridal party, I will schedule the bridesmaids first, then the mother of the bride, and lastly the bride. The bride’s makeup should be completed 1 hr prior to their scheduled time with their photographer, so that there is plenty of time to get dressed and not feel rushed.